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In TappyTaps, we turn our ideas into apps helping millions of people worldwide. No contract development, just our own work.

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Camerito: Home Security Camera icon

Camerito: Home Security Camera

Monitor your home in real-time, receive instant alerts on suspicious activities, and ensure your property and loved ones are safe and secure! Camerito transforms your phones, tablets, or computers into a sophisticated monitoring system.

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Bibino: Baby Monitor icon

Bibino: Baby Monitor

Bibino is a smart baby monitoring app that’s reliable, simple, and trusted by thousands of parents. With Bibino, you can watch over your baby, hear every sound, and soothe your little one remotely. All that with Bibino and two phones, tablets, or computers.

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Barkio: Dog Monitor icon

Barkio: Dog Monitor

Do you want to see your dog even when you have to leave for work? Barkio will turn your phones, tablets or laptops into a smart dog monitor. Watch over your dog, interact remotely, and prevent the dog from developing separation anxiety.

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Furbino: Dog Training & Playtime Tools App icon

Furbino: Dog Training & Playtime Tools App

Take your dog's training to the next level! Furbino offers a fun and effective way to train your dog with a customizable dog clicker, a high-frequency whistle, and a diverse sound library. Now you can make your training sessions productive and enjoyable at the same time.

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Geotag Photos Pro 2 icon

Geotag Photos Pro 2

Do you love taking photos? Geotag Photos Pro 2 is the complete geotagging solution for all occasional and professional photographers. A mobile app records your position while you’re taking photos. Our desktop app then tags your images with location using recorded data.

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Storky: Contraction Timer icon

Storky: Contraction Timer

Storky is a free contraction timer for the expecting parents, created with the help of moms and professional birth assistants. Get ready for the baby’s arrival and download Storky now for free.

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Baby Dreambox icon

Baby Dreambox

Baby Dreambox helps your baby fall asleep like an angel. More than 20 handpicked relaxing sounds and lullabies will soothe your child, while a smart timer stops the lullaby playback when your little one starts dreaming.

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Baby Monitor 3G icon

Baby Monitor 3G

Do you have a spare phone, tablet or a computer at home? Breathe a new life into your old device and turn it into a handy baby monitor. There is no need to purchase any hardware devices, as with Baby Monitor 3G, you already have everything you need to monitor your baby.

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Dog Monitor icon

Dog Monitor

Dog Monitor became one of the first dog monitors designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. To this day, Dog Monitor, Barkio’s predecessor, continues to help thousands of pet owners worldwide keep an eye on their beloved dogs.

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TappyTaps team is created by talented and enthusiastic people who enjoy making apps for people like you.

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Who we are

In TappyTaps, we're like one big family who shares a passion for their job, dogs, parenting, and coffee. As parents and pet owners, we test all of our apps ourselves first to guarantee the highest possible quality.

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What we do

We love creating apps for parents and dog owners (our team members are both). We started as a small family-owned company, and now our apps are used by millions of people around the globe.

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